Muse X Tulicarpa Pop-Up 2.0

April 11th from 5-7PM with champange bubbles, founder Lily Lewin, & 10% off of all items from the Muse curation.
Address: 256 E Perry St, Savannah GA 31401
We will see you there!
A note from the founder about her fabulous new collection: 
"This winter we have traveled a camino de seda, our own silk route, from Savannah through Spain and into Portugal, crossing the borders of art, trade and culture to return with a caravan of caftans.  Although silk makes up only 0.2 percent of the world’s textile production it has an ancient and fascinating thread that spins through thousands of years of history, its lepidopteran filaments as strong as armor and as beautiful as jewels. 
5000 years ago the legendary Chinese empress Leizu, known as The Lady of the Silkworm, is said to have invented the silk loom and thus the phenomena of sericulture, which has since been woven into the story of every civilization and empire.  From the Greeks to the Persians to the Moors the fabric was so highly prized that during the first siege of Rome, the Visigoths demanded a ransom which included 4000 silk tunics.  Spain had its own thriving industry under the Muslim rule as early as the 10th century, and Genoese merchants coveted the Granada grown silk. 
Now in the 21st century Tulicarpa has produced its first collection of caftans, made with Italian silk and sewn in Portugal, with artwork inspired in Spain and designed in Savannah.  The Lux et Decus of the Larva, the Silkworm’s Prayer of St. Tulicarpa,  are woven throughout our own Camino de Seda Caftans."